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  • 1 Round Game Board

  • 3 Whaling Boats

  • 9 Whaler Pegs

  • 20 Blue Whale Cards

  • 28 Red Whaler Cards

  • 1 Whale Magnet Set

  • 1 Whale Hit Point Sheet

  • 20 Hit Point Counters



1. Players divide into two teams. One team will consist of one player playing the Whale. The other players will play as Whalers.

2. Whalers take 1 Whaling Boat, 3 Whaling Pegs, and three Whaler Cards each. They place their boat with inserted pegs in the center space.

3. The Whale takes the Whale Hit Point Counter and Counters, the Whale Magnet set, and 4 Whale Cards. He or she may start anywhere on the board. The player playing the Whale should attach their magnets so one is on the surface of the board, and the other is inside the hollow space underneath the board. This marks the Whale's position above and below water.

5. Whalers take the first turn.





The Whale wins by killing the Whalers. Whalers win by killing the Whale. 



On your turn, you may move a number of spaces equal to the number of Whalers in your boat. On your turn, you may play any number of cards in your hand, at any time. At the end of your turn, draw or discard until the number of cards in your hand is equal to the number of Whalers in your boat.


If you are hit by any of the Whale's attacks, remove a Whaler from your boat.


Whaler Cards:

Sprint: Move 1 space in any direction at any time, including to dodge an attack.


Harpoon: Throw a harpoon up to 3 spaces in a straight line away for 1 damage. If the harpoon is shot from within 2 spaces, it does an additional 1 damage.


Rope Harpoon: Throw a harpoon with a rope attached. The harpoon deals 1 damage to the Whale. You are now attached to the Whale and will get pulled along with it as it moves at a maximum of 3 spaces behind it. The Whale’s movement is decreased by 1 for each rope and it cannot submerge. If the Whale attacks a Whaler, it takes an additional 1 damage per attack. The Whale is also unable to submerge. The Whaler is protected from charging attacks.


Keen Eye: Look underneath the board to see the Whale underwater. This card also allows Whalers to harpoon the underwater Whale on that turn. However, Whalers cannot rope a submerged Whale.


First Aid: Revive 1 person on an allied Whaler ship on an adjacent space.





On your turn, you may move up to 3 spaces. You must finish your movement before you may play cards. You may play up to 4 cards every turn. At the end of every turn, draw cards until you have four cards in hand. 


Note: The Whale starts with 10 fewer hit points if there are only 2 Whalers.


Whale Cards:

Charge: You lunge forward one space and strike a boat, killing one person, and pushing the boat backwards 3 spaces. If the boat is roped to you, you cannot charge it. 


Submerge: Pull your piece off the top of the game board and open the side door. You will see your other whale icon on the underwater game board. You may stay underwater until your next turn, must surface in order to attack. Your movement is also reduced by one. When you surface, reattach the top game board piece.


Dive: You quickly dive under, killing one person that is roped to you, and removing one attached rope of your choice. You do not submerge.


Smash: You frantically flail around and strike every boat within 2 spaces. Kill one person on each boat.

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