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  • 45 Large Game Tiles

  • 16 Medium Game Tiles

  • 8 Small Game Tiles

  • 75 Belief Cards

  • 4 Character Cards

  • 20 Soldiers (10 Red, 10 Blue)

  • 20 Resource Camps (10 Red, 10 Blue)

  • 10 Temples (5 Red, 5 Blue)

  • 30 ​Lumber Resource Tokens

  • 30 ​Food Resource Tokens

  • 30 ​Iron Resource Tokens

  • 30 ​Gold Resource Tokens



1. Each player takes a character card at random. Share your character's identity, but keep any other information to yourself, unless you wish to share.

2. The River is placed dividing the two God characters.

3. Place the 6 designated “START” land tiles in the center in a perpendicular line on either side of the River, with the desert tile adjacent to the River.

- Each King places a resource camp on the land tile farthest from the River.

- The Blue King starts on the same side as the Nature God. The Red King starts on the same side as the Trickster God.

4. All players take the starting resources and/or cards listed on their character sheet. 

5. The Nature God takes the first turn. Play proceeds clockwise.





Players win by completing the objective on their character card. Each character card has a different objective and different starting resources. 



On your turn:

1. Draw and place 1 large land tile, adjacent to any existing land tile on your side of the river.

2. Draw a number of Belief Cards according the condition listed on your character card.

3. Play any number of Belief Cards you want, paying the resource cost.

- Belief Card costs are paid in Tribute from the Kings


Medium and small land tiles may only be placed on specific large land tiles, as listed on the last page of the character sheet. You may not place a medium land tile on large land tile if it already has a small land tile placed on it. Moving large land tiles does not disrupt structures.


Structures are destroyed when a land tile is destroyed. If a medium or small land tile that cannot have structures on it is placed on a tile that has structures on it, the structures are destroyed. Structures and soldiers move with the tile, if tiles are moved or swapped.



On your turn:

1. Gather resources for all land tiles you have a resource camp on. Resources gathered are listed on the last page of the character sheet.

2. Build as many structures or soldiers as you wish, and can pay for.

- You may only build one structure per large land tile. Large land tiles may fit any number of soldiers.

3. Move your soldiers to an adjacent tile, or attack an adjacent tile. Combat is determined by dice.

- To destroy a building, you must roll a 5 or higher. You get one roll per attacking soldier.

- To destroy an enemy soldier, both kings will roll. Players get one roll per attacking or defending soldier. If the total attacking roll is higher, the defending soldier(s) die. If the attacking roll is lower, the attacking soldier(s) die. In a tie, no soldiers die.

- Soldiers on the same tile as a structure must be killed before the structure can be destroyed.

4. Resources left at the end of the turn may be kept, or sacrificed to a God by giving them the tokens. Gods can use these resources to play Belief Cards.

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