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  • 73 Character Cards

- 9 Hierarchical Cards

- 9 Egalitarian Cards

- 9 Martial Cards

- 9 Diplomatic Cards

- 9 Heat Cards

- 9 Cold Cards

- 9 Water Cards

- 5 Benevolent Cards

- 5 Vengeful Cards

  • 40 Fill Cards

- 10 Animal Cards

- 10 Object Cards

- 10 Action Cards

- 10 Place Cards

  • 9 Story Cards 

  • 1 Game Board



1. Sort out Character Cards, shuffle them, and place them on the corresponding spot on the game board. Character Cards are sorted by the top icon on the front of the card. Each of these icons represents an aspect of your civilization.

2. Sort out Fill Cards by back, shuffle them, and place them on the corresponding spot on the game board.

3. Organize Story Cards by number, and place them facedown in the corresponding spot on the game board, with the largest number of the bottom.

4. Select 4 Character Cards to begin the game. These cards form your Civilization Deck, and are the cards that determine the culture, location, and beliefs of your civilization. For the first card, take either 1 Heirarchical or 1 Egalitarian Card. For the second card, take either  1 Diplomatic or 1 Martial Card. For the third card, take 1 Heat, Cold, or Water Card. For the fourth card, take one Character Card of your choice.





     Take the Story Card on top of the Story Card deck, and place it on the spot on the game board with the corresponding number. Each Story Card will need a word to fill in the blank and finish the story. Each Story Card needs either an [ACTION], [PLACE], [OBJECT], or [ANIMAL].

     To fill in the blank, draw 3 cards from the corresponding deck of Fill Cards. Place these on the blank black area on the game board. Draw 3 cards from your Civilization Deck, and place them underneath the Fill Cards.

     To choose one of the drawn Fill Cards to fill the Story Card, you must pay the cost of the Fill Card. The cost is shown by the icons on the top left on the Fill Card. If there is a corresponding icon on the cards you drew from your Civilization Deck, you may select that Fill Card. You only need to match one icon, unless they are overlapping.


     Take the selected Fill Card, and place it in the empty slot next to the Story Card. Discard the rest of the Fill Cards. Add the cards you drew from your Civilization Deck back to your Civilization Deck and shuffle. If you cannot pay for any Fill Card, shuffle them back into the deck, and draw three new cards. On the bottom right of the Fill Card, there are another set of icons. When you select a Fill Card, you may choose a corresponding Character Card to draw and add to your Civilization Deck. If there are multiple overlapping icons, you may take multiple cards. After this, draw the next story card. Repeat the process until you have gone through all the story cards, finished the story, and completed the game.

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